Monday, October 18, 2010

Belmar Park

I was absolutely shocked when I walked back behind the Belmar Library to check out Belmar park and discovered Kountze Lake. The kids and I immediately took off to explore. Each child would yell out in delight when they spotted a duck, goose, turtle, or fish.

This quickly became a family favorite as it took us a few trips to discover the variety of trails as well as find the playground. We now go prepared with a picnic and plenty of water as the children explore.  At each crossroad they take turns deciding which way we go.

I've found a map online showing the three trails (1.1 miles, 1.4 miles, and 1.8 miles). Whenever I get a chance I take a brisk walk around the lake pushing my daughter in her stroller before the library opens and we go to story time. A concrete trail goes around the park’s perimeter, and the area is divided by intersecting gravel paths and horse trails. I've had very little trouble pushing the stroller on the concrete as well as the gravel paths. Every once an a while there will be a spot where the gravel is a little deeper and I have to push the stroller a little harder, but I figure that just gives me an added workout.

One trail even takes you to Lakewood's Heritage Center. We've yet to take a tour. Currently we've just walked by the many historic buildings and we've been to the amphitheater for a movie after dark.

801 South Wadsworth Blvd.
Lakewood, CO 80228

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rock Creek Farm

My son's kindergarten class went to Rock Creek Farms for their fall field trip. We, as parents, were allowed to come as well. We arrived at the farm after the school bus had already headed out to the pumpkin patch. We were given directions at the front and sent out to find them. I was shocked by the hills of pumpkins that went on and on. You would think it would be easy to spot a big yellow school bus in a pumpkin patch—not so. Finally we got up on a hill high enough we could see it in the distance.

The kids were already out and having a great time picking out pumpkins. Parents and children were soon spread out all over the nearest hillside. There were tools to cut the vines if needed.

After the kids picked their pumpkins we went to eat our lunch. They had a big tent set up with tables, a petting zoo off to one side, a hay maze (many of the kids could hardly see over the large bales), inflatable slides and bounce houses. The kids had so much fun. There was also a corn maze, which we didn't do—not the best place to let over 60 five year old children run loose.

Rock Creek Farm is free to get in. You just pay for what you take home.  Besides pumpkins, they have wonderful goodies: caramel apples, cider, pumpkin bread, etc.  They also have things to decorate with for fall like Indian corn, straw bales, gourds, etc. The corn maze is an additional charge.  Check here for current prices.

Rock Creek Farm is located at:
2005 South 112th Street
Broomfield, CO 80020 

To get all the latest information go to

Just a note: they only accept cash and checks.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Children's Museum of Denver

The Children's Museum of Denver is a fantastic place to take your children! We don't have a membership, but on the first Tuesday of each month you can go for FREE from 4-8pm. They have such a variety of things for the kids to explore. The museum makes learning fun.

We spent a large portion of our time playing with the bubbles. The picture on the right is not blurry they are actually in a bubble.

Creative play is around every corner: shopping, cooking, puppet shows, trains, an actual fire truck, a veterinarian room, painting, and dress up—just to name a few. 

One area we've yet to check out is the The Center for the Young Child. This is geared towards infants and children up to about four years old. My two year old daughter was set on following her brothers (five and six) around the museum and enjoyed herself, but I would like to go back and explore the area designed for her age.

My biggest concern when going was that it would be packed because it was FREE. There were a lot of people, but my kids still had a chance to do whatever they wanted. Sometimes they had to wait a little, but I feel that is good for children to take turns and learn patience. If crowding is an issue you can buy a membership or pay to go the one time. I recommend Mondays as a great time to go because it is a school-group free day (no large groups).

To check out all the latest info on upcoming events, prices, and location go to


Friday, October 8, 2010

Miller Farms Fall Harvest Festival

I recently went to Miller Farms located in Platteville, Co and had a fantastic time. I've never done anything like this before. You go on a hayride to harvest  your own vegetables. The produce varies depending on what they are currently harvesting. When I went I was able to get potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, sweet corn, Indian corn, and corn for making popcorn. Because I went with a group I only had to pay $10 to get in and that includes the six bags of produce and a pumpkin. It is normally $15 per person. Three and under is free and they are allowed to pick a pumpkin. This is an incredible deal—you get the experience and the food. The Fall Harvest goes until November 15th.

 They also have a petting zoo, a big jumping pad, playground, pyramid made from hay, train, firetruck, etc. Sadly, I didn't give myself enough time to enjoy the fun kids area, but will next year (and will bring my older kids). That would be a lot of food, but I have learned a lot about preserving food over the last week and think it would be great to teach my children. It is much easier to preserve the food then I thought and it feels good to have the extra food in the freezer. To read more about preserving the food go to

Go to to check on current prices and for directions

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Discovering Denver

When I found out I was moving away from the place I was born and raised and moving to Colorado, I was, to say the least—nervous. I knew very little about this place. I spent hours on the internet. I began researching to find out about my future home, and was immediately impressed by the variety of things to do. I found info about wonderful parks and hiking trails, theaters, museums, a zoo, gardens, etc. I became excited about all that Denver and the surrounding areas had to offer.

Now that my family and I have actually moved here (We settled in the adjoining town of Lakewood).  I can officially say I'm in love with the Denver area! I have been amazed by everything there is to do here. Since moving here I have found more and more to love. I'm constantly learning about new things for me and my family to do. I was concerned I would be limited by our income, but have found no matter what your budget is there is something for you to do.

The coming posts are going to document the wonderful places, events, food, activities, and deals that I find as we explore and discover Denver and the surrounding areas.