Friday, November 12, 2010

Free Day at the Zoo

One of the things I've come to love about Denver is the free days. This Saturday, November 13, 2010 the Denver Zoo is free. You just walk right in.

I went to the zoo on a free day recently and it really didn't feel crowded. I had to park pretty far away and walk in, but I don't really mind the extra exercise. Once in the zoo I felt like I had plenty of room to observe the animals. I've never paid to go to the zoo, so I don't know how it compares to those days, but for free you'll hear no complaining from me.

Many of the people I have met since moving here have a membership to go to the zoo. I see that as a definite possibility for my family as well. My kids are hungry to learn and the zoo is an incredible place for them to learn about all the unique animals that are found all over the world.

Go to to check out the current prices, upcoming events, and free days. To find free days click on the quick links drop down menu and click Free Days.

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