Monday, March 7, 2011

Good Times

My friend was shocked when I told him that I had never eaten at Good Times before. We remedied the situation by going there immediately. It is an old fashioned style burger joint where you order at a window and then eat outside. My friend informed me that I had to try the "wild fries" and dipping sauce along with my meal. I was not disapointed. The fries and sauce were worth the hype. We each ordered burgers, fries, and a "spoonbender"—which is a thick shake. I ordered mine with a chocolate topping and bits of bacon in it. I would have never thought to put bacon in a shake, but it was actually pretty good.

I have since learned that Good Times is a Colorado original and currently also has locations in Wyoming, North Dakota and Idaho.

Check out their menu and fun interactive website.

Guest post by Kevin Harris

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  1. You know, living the Denver area for 6 years, I never ate a t Good Times. I did love their TV commercials though. Whenever I had a hamburger hankering I would go to Gunther Toody's. Yum!